At beltini Santa Monica, we believe that accessories are the outer reflection of a woman's true spirit. Founded in 2013 in sunny Santa Monica, California, the beltini brand integrates elements of funk + function to appeal to the fashionista on-the-go. 

Combining elegant leathers and innovative, contemporary designs, beltini specializes in accessories and bags that can always be styled in more than one way. We are proud to have invented the truly versatile beltini belt bag which can be worn as a traditional cross-body purse, as a shoulder bag, or as a fabulous belt bag that clips around the waist to hold everyday necessities while keeping the hands completely free. Even better? Our belt bags go seamlessly from the gym to the office or from day to night to meet the needs of your ever-evolving social calendar. We are excited that fashion has never been so multifaceted!

In addition to our claim-to-fame belt bags, we offer a wide range of well-designed, handcrafted fashion and jewelry items including purses, belts, jewelry and more.



At beltini, community involvement and quality craftsmanship reflect our true spirit:
We believe that the right accessories help you to stand a little taller and speak a little louder
We believe in being loud and being bright… that our designs should make you feel something
We believe funk and function can go hand-in-hand
We believe in using the appeal of fashion to bring communities together
We believe in raising awareness for important causes
We believe in grit, sass, and hard work
We believe in empowering women everywhere